Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting June 4th 2009, I will be working as an intern architect at kilo architectures which is located on Rue Réaumur in Paris. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working for founding partner Linna Choi.

I am a little intimidated. The working hours are 9am-7pm with a one-hour break. The last time I "worked" outside Princeton was at the Actors Theater Workshop in New York City. That was an extraordinary experience and it's interesting that I'll see some of the friends I made there in Paris this summer. That thought and the end of what has been my best semester at Princeton gives me more confidence in all this.

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  1. i know a yalie who's going to be working at kilo! say hi to emily for me! and i should visit you! i'm going to be in europe this summer!