Friday, July 10, 2009

In a blog which has to do with Le Corbusier, and which is called works-in-progress, it is fitting to post some sketches from my carnet.

I want to get this out of the way before I write something about Ronchamp and Barcelona. Yes, Barcelona!

We start with everyday objects. Missing here are the trash can studies. I want to do a whole series on them later on, with some thoughts about the significance of their design.

The Paris Metro monitor has screens that allow the driver to ensure everyone has boarded before he or she closes the doors. Sometimes they close the doors anyway, crushing old ladies' shopping carts.

On my way back from Germany, I noticed the drastic change in object design. Straight perpendicular lines gave way to ornate curves.

Often, when I take a break from AutoCAD and Illustrator at work, I look through magazines and books from the library and sketch. Drawing is the act of making a mark, but it is first a form of seeing, or reading. Even the most widely known buildings and objects can be better understood when read through drawing.

And here, finally, are four of the five classic orders. Apparently, all architects should know these. Even though I think that is silly, I still drew them because I was curious and because Andy would say (that Paula would say) that it is good to know and understand the rules before breaking them. And Ed would say (that Claude Perrault would say) the same.

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