Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I call these memory sketches.

Caught without a functioning camera at a moment of elation and wonder, faced with a sight so perfect in composition, energy, serenity or movement, I had urge to immortalize what I experienced. So I did these very, very quickly so as not to lose the “impression” of what the moment felt like. These were sketches not meant to be seen by others but I think they are interesting because to you they are scribbles but for me they conjure the scene once again.

The first is a quick sketch of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, late at night. I sat there for a few moments amidst a crowd, and calls of the tea and corn vendors on way back to my hostel on Saturday night. The second is the expansive horizon of Athens, comfortably embedded in the hills, viewed from the Acropolis. The third sketch records the calm ruins of an amphitheater at the same place.

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